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Pathways in History

Artisans Maureen and Rebecca Worth design jewelry, tableware, and pottery inspired by antique brick designs that built the town squares, colleges, and sidewalks of America. 

In the late 1800s, over 5,000 factories across America made bricks to create streets and sidewalks of a growing nation. The textured patterns, which provided firm footing for horses and pedestrians, became part of the landscape of many cities and small towns as they lined the streets, colleges, and squares where people lived. Still preserved and treasured, the distinctive designs have become important elements of the landscape of American history. 

The distinctive brick designs are cherished links to the past that hold special meaning for many of the communities where they are found. 

“It is not the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ that makes these pieces special.”

Shop online and in downtown Lexington, Va at Artists in Cahoots

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The Historic Brick Collection, with jewelry depicting the 19th century bricks, represents the historic preservation ethic that inspires Main Street programs in North Carolina and across the country.  To wear a piece from this line shows support of the mission and serves as a conversation starter about why these programs are valuable.   


The distinctive brick designs are cherished links to the past in the communities where they are found.  For this reason NC Main Street chose the brick logo to represent their mission to enhance community identity and grow economic development.

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